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What I do

Photography and video services for companies and organizations


I offer tailor-made solutions to help you showcase your business and capture moments that tell your story.

I am an experienced photographer in Vaasa with expertise in various industries as well as different types of corporate photography such as product photography, in-action photography, event photography, etc.

I understand the importance of delivering high-quality images and videos that attract and engage your target audience. With expertise and creativity, we can together create visual stories that help you stand out from the crowd.

I offer photography services to businesses and organizations in Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, and throughout Finland.

corporate photography

Portrait photography, product photography, operational images, pictures from your event or images of your business premises or other interiors.

Editorial photography

Feature images and editorial content for print and online newspapers, customer magazines, journals, and magazines.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography in Vasa and its surroundings. High-quality images and videos from a bird’s eye view. Drones can also be used for tasks such as inspecting tall objects.

Product photography

Product images in a environmental setting or studio setting for website or other marketing materials.

Video production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Help your customers find you and your products and services with effective videos that capture interest and stand out from the crowd.

Editing of existing material

Do you have existing material that needs editing? Cutting, text animations, graphics, and music in accordance with your graphic profile.


Streaming of events or do you want to elevate the level of your Teams event with multiple camera angles?

Streaming of construction sites or demolition of buildings over a longer period of time.

Aerial video

Video from a bird’s eye view. The operation is insured and as a drone operator, I have all necessary trainings. Drones can also be used to, for example, inspect high-altitude objects.


Do you need a company presentation, live streaming of an event, customer reference video, product video, or any other type of video for social media, website, or trade show? Contact me today and together we will turn your ideas into a video that captures interest.